Professional trademark services & management of
international trademark portfolios in East Asia.

Coordination of Trademark Registrations Worldwide

Our offices are strategically well located in the world´s driving marketplaces and offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to secure your trademarks. Through teamwork with our global associates’ network we handle  regional and global trademark filing projects.

We help you overcome language barriers and understand the quirks of local procedures and rules. A straightforward communication management style keeps you in charge and on top of each project.

Registering the name of your business and  products as trademarks will help you prevent competitors from using or registering the same name for their purpose. In most countries, you can obtain exclusive right to use your brands, only by registering them as trademarks.

Sustainable protection of your brands in your target and strategically-relevant markets paves the way for your overseas expansion. Every trademark granted in your name adds value to your business.