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About Us

We combine trademark services and guidance in regulatory compliance, based on the following observations:

East/South-East Asia
Our East/South-East Asian region is emerging and gradually becoming the largest free trade area in the world. A major share of world production and consumers are located in this region. Product safety and quality have become a major concern to legislators and consumers.

Product safety a major concern
We have observed the decline of economic safeguards parallel to fast-rising regulatory barriers. Safeguards relate to objective economic measures, while regulatory legislation relates to subjective health, safety, and welfare measures. Whether or not there is any relation between these two systems, both are applied by governments to protect their domestic markets and industries.

Increase of regulatory barriers
Safeguards lead to economic conflicts between governments. The protection of health, welfare, and safety of people, however, is in their common interest. This is why we predict a harmonized raise of regulatory barriers in the entire region; moreover, cooperation between regulatory authorities in other parts of the world.

Regulatory goes beyond trademark law
While safeguards have little relevance for trademarks, increasing regulatory barriers raise the question of compliance of trademarks in addition to and beyond trademark laws. Therefore, registering a trademark without foresight of regulatory compliance leads--and will lead more and more often--to brand-damaging product recalls ordered by local regulatory authorities.

Passion for Quality
naexasCompass is run by a team, whose members are passionate about brands, the products behind the brands, and about how businesses build and manage their IP portfolios. Knowing that our clients businesses and products can only prevail if they provide nothing but the best, adding value and securing the highest standards of quality is our objective.

Commitment & Team-Work
At naexasCompass, we believe that our team members are our greatest assets. We are operating as an interdisciplinary, multi-national team of committed, highly-motivated and experienced professionals. We dedicate our expertise entirely to helping our clients overcome cultural and market barriers and make their business successful.

naexasCompass was established in 2006 by lawyers, trademark specialists, scientists, and economists from Europe, USA and various East/South-East Asian countries. We have grown from a local start-up company in Tokyo into a multinational group of consulting firms and service companies. Our offices are strategically located in Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai to coordinate an Asian-Pacific associates network that is closely linked with strategic partners in Australia, the United States, and Europe.

Wide Angle View on Business Needs
naexasCompass offers, as a one-stop service provider, a multi-dimensional portfolio of services to support each action that becomes necessary in the course of a business venture into  foreign markets. We cooperate with law firms and serve trading and service companies, in particular with a large portfolio of intellectual property rights and of products that are subject to regulatory legislation. Our local presence, transparency, 360° client care and multi-diversity as a “one-stop shop” differentiate us from competitors.

Our Clientele
...comprises multinational corporations from various sectors in Europe, North America, Japan and other East-Asian countries.