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Laboratory Testing of Products

Confirming Quality of Manufacturing
Prior to the initial commercial imports of your products, we arrange for their testing at local government designated laboratories in order to assess the compliance of the manufacturing of your products and that they are free of contamination. If we detect contamination or irregularities that need correction, we advise you in a timely manner on how to amend the formulation or the manufacturing processes.

When are Laboratory tests conducted?
It is at the discretion of the customs inspectors to decide whether laboratory tests are to be conducted during the very first import of a product or randomly. The approach varies from country to country. Generally, products that may be imported and distributed only with a specific business license (cosmetics imports into Japan) are usually not subjected to tests, while products under than general merchandize, are typically tested (food imports into Japan). The scope of tests depends on the category, formulation, design, manufacturing and origin of the products and their components. Most customs only accept test results of local laboratories. We provide you with information on the scope your products will be subjected to laboratory tests in your target markets.

Limiting Risks, Avoiding Damages
In most cases, we recommend conducting laboratory tests. The test results of a local lab will be useful if any disputes arise during the first commercial import. They will facilitate approvals, resolve disputes, help avoid the "black listing" of your products and business, avoid delays and storage costs during the customs clearance, and limit your liabilities and risks of damages for distributed products.