Professional trademark services & management of
international trademark portfolios in East Asia.

Management of Trademark Portfolios

Portfolio Management
We manage your international trademark portfolio, monitor the status of your trademarks, ensure their accurate maintenance and provide you with access to all trademark management-related information via our online Internet platform.

Watching Services & Risk Management
We provide local, multinational and global online and offline watching services. With focus on local languages and similarity code systems of East Asia, our watching reports inform you about trademarks in Latin alphabet characters, their transliterations and translations into Chinese, Japanese, Hangul and any other characters of the region. In addition to publications, we reveal pending applications to allow for effective and cost-efficient pre-emptive legal remedies, months earlier than other watching services.

Renewal Services
We provide renewal services for your intellectual property portfolio in Japan, China, Singapore, in East Asia, or even globally, depending on your needs. Our value for money lies not only in our reasonable fees but also assurance, transparency and the best communication management. Upon inquiry, we will send you a complete breakdown of all costs. Our quotations are fixed and therefore can be easily incorporated into your annual budget.