Professional trademark services & management of
international trademark portfolios in East Asia.

We Coordinate Global Offline Trademark Searches

We conduct multinational and global trademark searches, as a preliminary step to trademark registrations and a continuation of various name finding and screening projects.

We offer flexible multi-country search packages and fine-tune strategies to meet your objectives, budget and time frame. Our service portfolio covers everything from identical to full-availability searches, along with expert opinions of our local associates for over a hundred jurisdictions. We search for device marks or word marks in Latin alphabet characters, Chinese, Japanese, Hangul or any other characters.

We facilitate communication by providing one point of contact throughout the entire search project, no matter its size or complexity. Our comprehensive reports are available in a large variety of formats and languages, and rank name candidates according to their availability for registration and use.

"", our online platform gives you real-time insight into the project flow, tracks statuses and links you to the person in charge, to our associates, and our resources.

Search Services:

  • Trademark searches
  • Device mark searches
  • Slogan Searches
  • Searches for clinical trial names
  • Pharma-in-Use searches
  • Regulatory compliance searches
  • Company name searches
  • Anonymous Domain Name Searches
  • Ownership searches
  • In-use searches
  • INN Searches
  • Watching & monitoring

Search Packages:

  • Transliteration + Screening Asia 20+
  • Asia Top 7 markets searches
  • Product name availability + compliance searches
  • 20 East/South-East Asia Searches
  • US, EU and Asia Top-Markets searches
  • ...and many more