Professional trademark services & management of
international trademark portfolios in East Asia.

Name Creation for your Business and Products

Applying refined branding strategies
What can be done if the names you are using for your business and products are not available as trademarks and domains or not compliant with laws and regulations in your target markets? How can you identify the perfect name for your product and start using it without any delay and waste of time and money?

The answers to these questions can be found by applying refined branding strategies. We begin with the creation of name candidates that are relevant to both the product and consumer and fulfill your local marketing objectives. Then we walk the candidates you have selected as suitable, through a cleverly-devised, strict, selective screening procedure, testing them for distinctiveness, negative connotations and availability. We verify the compliance of trademarks destined to be used as names for strictly-regulated products (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.), with legislation of each of your target markets. Only trademark candidates that survive this selective screening may advance to a global trademark search project. With us, there is no waste of time and resources on wrong names.

The Asia sub-brand
With our expertise in the East / Southeast Asian region, we support name finding and screening projects, by creating transliterations, or name candidates that are ideal to overcome characteristic issues of the region. We promote the creation of Asia brands or sub-brands, in particular the idea of using a trademark in Chinese characters that may be used in seven major markets of the region harmoniously.