We render 360° market entry support to foreign enterprises venturing
into the Japanese, Singaporean and Chinese markets.
Make your first step into the market

Set-up of Local Entity

Set Up Of Locan Branch Office
The timing for setting up a subsidiary or a representative office in Japan, China or Singapore needs to be coordinated wisely with your ongoing sales activities. Before switching from sales of NFR products via the Internet to sales by a local partner or your own local subsidiary, differences in the applicable laws and regulations have to be addressed. The acquisition of business licenses, the analysis of the regulatory compliance of your products and the availability-check of your business and product names as well as their registration becomes indispensible. Your local partners might view you as a potential competitor such that the dynamics of your partnerships will change. In such settings, we connect you and provide you with all the needed consultation, services and information.

The Product Launch
Timing is even more important than speed for the product launch. Product clearance, production of marketing material, obtaining of business licenses and brand protection must coincide with the completion of the first test imports and the delivery of the initial bulk shipments into your warehouses to be ready for distribution. The local entity must be operational. We will be on your side, committed to helo to meet the launch deadline or when decisions of consequence have to be made in the blink of an eye.