Evaluation of product compliance.
Opening markets for products in the most efficient way.
Register your product for clearance in Your Target Market

Pre-Import Consultation

Pre-Import Consultation
The purpose of our pre-import consultation is to confirm whether your products meet the legal requirements of your target markets in East- / Southeast Asia (Japan, China, Singapore, ...etc.).

Product Categorization & Identification of Applicable Regulations
The initial step is the correct categorization of your product, in order to identify the corresponding set of regulations thatrequire compliance.

Review of Formulation & Design of Products
Based on the product category and applicable laws, we evaluate whether the formulation, design and the applied manufacturing process of each of your products meet the legal requirements of your target markets. Then we assess the compliance of the product packaging and the respective pamphlets, catalogues and website texts.

R&D Consultation - Reformulation of Products
If we ascertain that your products are not in compliance with regulations, we provide you with recommendations on how to reformulate them, adjust the weight amounts of ingredients to meet the permitted limits and/or amend the manufacturing process in order to overcome the regulatory barriers. This first review of products serves also as reference and determines the need and the scope of laboratory tests.