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Compliance of Product Labels and Marketing Material

Compliance of Product Labels and Packaging
The product label is a reflection of all substantial conclusions gathered during the product clearance process. Meeting marketing objectives while complying with local legislation is not a trivial matter. Mislabelled products attract the attention of authorities and your competitors, which might lead to costly and brand-damaging import stops, confiscations and product recalls. In order to pass any inspection and audit, we assist you with label reviews, prepare compliant product labels in the language of your target markets, propose appropriate label contents and certification and inform you on national practices and guidelines in the absence of specific regulations.

Review of Product Presentation
Marketing texts on brochures, leaflets and websites which are misleading and out of tune with the labels of your products may influence the authorities when categorizing your product; they may jeopardize your business by leading to confiscation of your shipments or brand-damaging recalls of already distributed goods. We review and help you create marketing materials, newsletters, websites and customer mails that are designed to comply with local regulatory guidelines, thereby keeping disruptions to your marketing plans and promotional goals to the lowest possible minimum.

Compliant Copywriting & Design
We have resources and the expertise to provide professional and compliant copywriting services, design your marketing material and labels from scratch or tailor your pre-existing material for the target markets and audience.

Dispute Resolution
If you are grappling with problems caused by mislabelling, we help resolve disputes with the authorities.