Evaluation of product compliance.
Opening markets for products in the most efficient way.
Register your product for clearance in Your Target Market

Intellectual Property Issues - Product Name Compliance

Identifying Intellectual Property Issues
We provide you with an overall evaluation regarding whether your product might infringe local intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, copyrights).

Compliance & Availability of Product Name
We focus in particular on the product name of your choice or desire, and will uncover at an early stage whether it might, when standing alone or in context with your product presentation, infringe local regulations or the trademark rights of your competitors.

Product Naming
We provide professional support in finding (alternative) names for your products, taking into account regulatory and trademark law, as well as your marketing objectives. Naming projects are conducted when none of the chosen or desired product names are available or the product name has not yet been determined.

Branding Services
We conduct branding projects not only in selected target markets, but coordinate them also regionally, or even globally, supported by our "naexas.asia" online tool and our strategic partners.