Evaluation of product compliance.
Opening markets for products in the most efficient way.
Register your product for clearance in Your Target Market

Guidance in regulatory affairs

Availability vs. Compliance
The grant of registration of your trademarks by local patent & trademark offices confirms their availability and registrability with respect to trademark law. However, it does not imply compliance of the trademark with other laws regulating product safety. Local regulatory authorities and customs will grant the registration, import and distribution of food, cosmetics, devices, health care products, drugs, etc., only if their design, formulation, name and presentation (label an marketing material) are in compliance with local product safety legislation.

Therefore, launching a new product or registering a trademark without foresight of regulatory compliance may lead you into a dead-end road. It may result in a sudden halt of your business or in brand-damaging product recalls ordered by local regulatory authorities.

Efficient Through Experience
Our scientists and lawyers are there at the outset to help your marketing, legal and R&D departments by evaluating the compliance of your products with the legislation of your target markets and the applicable regulations of regional and international bodies. We have the experience to tackle regulatory obstacles and open markets for your products in the most efficient way.

Our offices in Singapore, Japan, China, the EU and USA handle local and coordinate regional product registrations around the world.