Professional trademark services & management of
international trademark portfolios in East Asia.

Trademark Services with Focus on East/Southeast Asia

We specialize in...
...multinational trademark searching, filings and registrations, carrying out regional and global banding projects and the management and maintenance of international trademark portfolios.

Our venue, East/Southeast Asia... emerging to the largest free trade area in the world. A major share of world production and consumers is located in this region and the protection of intellectual property rights, product safety and quality is a major concern to legislators and consumers.

Our offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai...
...coordinate our representative offices and an associates’ network covering the Asian-Pacific region. We are closely linked with strategic partners in Australia, the United States, and Europe.

Our competitive advantage...
...arises from combining intellectual property consultancy with guidance in regulatory compliance of products and services along with true expertise in the Asia-Pacific region with links to local governments and regulatory authorities.

Our online platform ""
…links clients to us, to our global network of experts and strategic partners, and enables the coordination of regional and global projects.